Informasjon Exhibitors Eliaden 2018

Practical information

Assambly- and dismatelingschedule Eliaden 2018 (no/eng)


Print out assembling-dismanteling cards

Stand costs Eliaden 2018

Registration fee: Nok 4.850,-
For exhibitors with more than one stand, onely one refistrationfee will be charged.
Additional fee for a cornerstand is Nok 2890,-
All prices are ex vat

Stand på 9–49 m2: Nok 1.830,- per m2
50–149 m2 : Nok 1.780,- per m2
150 m2 eller større: kr 1.690,- per m2

Outdoor stands:
Stand from 25 – 79 m2: Nok 710,- per m2
80 m2 or bigger: Nok 605,- per m2

All inclusive stands:
9 kvm: Nok 20.150.
12 kvm: Nok 25.650,-
15 kvm: Nok 31.150,-
registrationfee is not included in the prices
Included i All Inkusive stand are:
1 pc 10A powerspot
2 barchairs and one bar table