Prices for Eliaden 2024

Prices for Eliaden 2024

Registration fee: NOK 6 750,-
Exhibitors with multiple stands pay only one registration fee.

Registration fee: NOK 6.750,-

Exhibitors with multiple stands pay only one registration fee

Fee corner stand : NOK 3. 100,-

Up to 50 m2:                   NOK 1 430,- pr m2

50 – 150 m2:                   NOK 1 380,- pr m2

Over 150 m2:                   NOK 1 290,- pr m2

Prices for a design stand at Eliaden 2024

All stands with a floor area of less than 25 m2 will be supplied as an all-inclusive package.

This includes:

  • registration fee, stand rental and fee for corner stands
  • rear and side walls with printed fabric displaying the exhibitor’s logo, text and colours
  • carpet, electricity, lighting and furniture adapted to the size of the stand
  • Text and logo included in the list of exhibitors on our websites


All prices are ex VAT.

Wall stand, 2x3m (1m side wall)28900
Wall stand, 2x5m (1m side wall)37900
Corner stand, 3x3m (2x3m side walls)36800
Corner stand, 3x4m (2x4m side walls)42900
Corner stand, 3x5m (2x5m side walls)49900
Open stand, 3x5m (5m backwall)46900
Open stand, 4x5m (5m backwall)54500
Open stand, 3x6mm (6m backwall)52900
Open stand, 4x6m (6m backwall)61800
Example design stand